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* Corresponding author. Tel.: #39-06-30483692; fax #39-06-30486405. E-mail address: pirozzi@casaccia.enea.it (L. Pirozzi).

Summary: * Corresponding author. Tel.: #39-06-30483692; fax #39-06-30486405.
E-mail address: pirozzi@casaccia.enea.it (L. Pirozzi).
Solar Energy Materials & Solar Cells 65 (2001) 287}295
Selective emitters in buried contact silicon solar
cells: Some low-cost solutions
L. Pirozzi*, G. Arabito, F. Artuso, V. Barbarossa,
U. Besi-Vetrella, S. Loreti, P. Mangiapane, E. Salza
ENEA Casaccia, Via Anguillarese 301, 00060 Roma, Italy
We present the results of our study on the formation of selective emitter structures in buried
contact cells. In particular, our attention has been focused on those processes that seem to be
scalable to industry. To this aim, speci"c dopant sources and fabrication steps have been
Two di!erent kinds of dopants have been considered: the P-doped SOD and the screen-
printed dopant paste. For both sources we have tested the feasibility of the selective di!usion
formation in a single step, together with the application of suitable techniques to get selective
doping, such as laser enhanced di!usion into the grooves, or selective deposition of screen
printed paste in buried grid pattern. SEM and SEM-EBIC analyses have been used to
investigate the occurrence of doping. Several batches of buried contact, mechanically grooved
cells have prepared and tested. 2001 Elsevier Science B.V. All rights reserved.


Source: Artuso, Florinda - Department of Environment, Global Change and Sustainable Development, ENEA


Collections: Energy Storage, Conversion and Utilization