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Sren Asmussen Applied Probability and Queues

Summary: Søren Asmussen
Applied Probability and Queues
2nd ed. published by Springer, New York, May 2003
List of corrections and amendments
Last updated August 4, 2009
Corrections and amendments
s.b. = should be.
: k 0 s.b. n 0.
1510: E is finite s.b. F is finite
16, last paragraph of Notes: add Kijima & Makimoto (1999) to references.
dww337 last E s.b. Ex
5813: i s.b. i(i)
71, Notes: add that Dshalalow (1995) has an extensive list of books and review
articles on queueing theory.
73, Prop. 2.2: R < s.b. R = . In second line of proof, 'solution' s.b.
'bounded solution'.
154, (v) in Prop. 4.1: nondecreasing s.b. nonincreasing
: In = In(x) s.b. Ik = Ik(x)


Source: Asmussen, Søren - Department of Mathematical Sciences, Aarhus Universitet


Collections: Mathematics