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Inlichtingenblad, matlab-en simulink handleiding en

Summary: Inlichtingenblad, matlab- en
simulink handleiding en
practicumopgaven IWS
4 Simulink
4.1 Quick introduction
General information
Simulink is an extension of Matlab software for simulating dynamic systems. This is a screen
oriented program, i.e. all tasks can be realized by mouse driven commands within proper windows.
A typical Simulink session has two phases: model definition and model analysis. Defining model
is just drawing a block diagram from blocks of the Simulink Blocks Library. Analyzing model is
simulating, trimming or linearizing. It can be done either in the Simulink environment or in the
Matlab environment.
Simulink session
Start & Quit. To start a Simulink session enter simulink in the Matlab environment. To
quit Simulink click on Exit in the File menus of the all Simulink windows.
Model definition. Select New... from the File menu of the Simulink window. It opens a
blank window, in which the model will be constructed. The default name of the window is Untitled.
Open one or more libraries and drag blocks, that you need, into the active window.


Source: Al Hanbali, Ahmad - Department of Applied Mathematics, Universiteit Twente


Collections: Engineering