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Needed Narrowing in Prolog Sergio Antoy

Summary: Needed Narrowing in Prolog
Sergio Antoy
Portland State University
TR 96-2
May 17, 1996
We describe the implementation of needed narrowing deployed in a compiler of a
functional-logic language and present a few related concepts and results. Our im-
plementation is obtained by translating rewrite rules into Prolog source code and
optionally applying a set of optimizations to this code. We benchmark the effec-
tiveness of each individual optimization. We show that our implementation is more
efficient than all other previously proposed similar implementations. We measure
both execution times, as is customarily done, and memory allocation that turns out
to be a significant factor. We solve equations using a semi-strict equality relation
that generalizes classic strict equality with sometimes a smaller search space. We
give a new, more declarative and accessible formulation of a definitional tree, a cru-
cial concept of our approach, and we present a simple algorithm to build definitional
trees. We briefly explore a notion of simplification that is applicable to and some-
times beneficial for computations in inductively sequential systems, where classic
simplification is not applicable.


Source: Antoy, Sergio - Department of Computer Science, Portland State University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences