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Book review for Geotechnical and Geological Engineering Dr C.E. Augarde

Summary: Book review for Geotechnical and Geological Engineering
Dr C.E. Augarde
Modeling in Geomechanics
M.Zaman, G.Gioda & J. Booker (Eds), 2000, John Wiley & Sons Ltd: Chichester, ISBN 0­
This book consists of 26 individually prepared chapters brought together by the editors into a
700­page volume. The aim of the book, expressed in its Preface, is to close the ``gap''
between current research in geomechanical modelling and engineers who model to solve
practical engineering problems. In some respects the book achieves this aim but generally it
has more of the feel of a collection of expanded conference papers. (It should be noted that
the models covered by this book are numerical and analytical, rather than physical).
The book is organised into three parts ``Computational Procedures'' (4 chapters),
``Constitutive Modelling and Testing'' (8 chapters) and ``Modeling and Simulation'' (14
chapters). The first part begins with a chapter by G.Beer describing boundary element
methods for geomechanics and particularly their combination with finite and infinite
elements. Some convincing examples are provided of analyses of tunnels in rock. De Borst
And Groen follow with a chapter on computational strategies for plasticity models for soils.
The beginning of this chapter is, inevitably, a restatement of basic plasticity theory but is
followed by a description of an implicit procedure for solution of the finite element


Source: Augarde, Charles - School of Engineering, University of Durham


Collections: Engineering