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Dr. Eleanor Quince Postgraduate Research (PGR) Co-ordinator,

Summary: Dr. Eleanor Quince
Postgraduate Research (PGR) Co-ordinator,
Humanities, University of Southampton
School of Humanities
A whole life with academia
A PhD student described her as `a mother, God and best friend of all PGRs
at Southampton'. She's not only a midwife helping to deliver the magical
letters Dr to your name but a person that looks at a PhD as a period of
life and makes sure you're going to get from it as much as you can.
Eleanor knows how it is to struggle with obscure research subjects that
nobody seems to care about; she knows how to help you negotiate your
way between getting funding and actually doing what you're interested
in. She has been through it before.
Having defended a PhD thesis in 2003 on `Gillows', a furniture making
company active in the 18th
century, Eleanor found herself in a situation
that may sound familiar to most postdocs scraping for a full-time job.
She pulled together a part-time lectureship at Richmond University in
London and a teaching position at Southampton. Eleanor taught Art &
Theory and Introduction to Art and Gallery Studies and also designed a


Source: Anderson, Jim - School of Mathematics, University of Southampton


Collections: Mathematics