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2004-01-2295 SCOUT: EVA Capabilities of the

Summary: 2004-01-2295
SCOUT: EVA Capabilities of the
Space Construction and Orbital Utility Transport
David L. Akin and Mary L. Bowden
Space Systems Laboratory, University of Maryland
Copyright 2004 Society of Automotive Engineers
The University of Maryland has performed a detailed
design for the space equivalent of an atmospheric diving
suit. The Space Construction and Orbital Utility Transport
(SCOUT) is a small single-person spacecraft, with all
necessary utilities for extended sorties away from the
host station. Through a pair of AX-5 style space suit arms
integrated into the cabin wall, as well as a trio of dexterous
manipulators, the SCOUT operator can directly interact
with the work site environment, performing spacecraft
servicing, structural assembly, or other tasks traditionally
done by an astronaut in a space suit. Originally designed
as an augmentation to the NASA Gateway station
architecture for the Earth-Moon L1 system, studies


Source: Akin, David - Department of Aerospace Engineering, University of Maryland at College Park


Collections: Engineering