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Dependence of the pyroelectric response on internal stresses in ferroelectric thin films

Summary: Dependence of the pyroelectric response on internal stresses
in ferroelectric thin films
Z.-G. Ban and S. P. Alpaya)
Department of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering and Institute of Materials Science University
of Connecticut, Storrs, Connecticut 06269
Received 13 February 2003; accepted 24 March 2003
The role of internal stresses on the pyroelectric properties of ferroelectric thin films is analyzed
theoretically via a thermodynamic model. The pyroelectric coefficient as a function of the misfit
strain is calculated for 001 Ba0.6Sr0.4TiO3 epitaxial thin films. It is shown that this property is
highly dependent on the misfit strain. A very large pyroelectric response 0.65 C/cm2
K is
theoretically predicted at a critical misfit strain 0.05% corresponding to the ferroelectric to
paraelectric phase transformation. The analysis shows that internal tensile stresses are particularly
not desirable with significant degradation close to an order of magnitude in the pyroelectric
response. 2003 American Institute of Physics. DOI: 10.1063/1.1576503
In recent years, there is a continuing growth of interest
in pyroelectric materials for IR detection and thermal imag-
ing applications.1
Unlike semiconductor or photon detectors,
pyroelectric IR detectors can operate at ambient tempera-


Source: Alpay, S. Pamir - Department of Materials Science and Engineering, University of Connecticut


Collections: Materials Science