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Other Metaheuristics: Simulated Annealing, Peter G. Anderson,

Summary:  Other Metaheuristics: Simulated Annealing,
TABU, etc.
Peter G. Anderson,
Computer Science Department
Rochester Institute of Technology,
Rochester, New York
anderson@cs.rit.edu http://www.cs.rit.edu/
pg. 1
June 11, 2003
GAs are not the only metaheuristic available.
There are also: exhaustive search, random search, hill-climbing,
immune systems, simulated annealing, tabu, ...
And you can make hybrid systems.
pg. 2
Searching for Good Bit-strings
Bit-strings represent solutions to problems.
Bit-strings have fitnesses
How can we evaluate a large search space?
Systematic search


Source: Anderson, Peter G. - Department of Computer Science, Rochester Institute of Technology


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences