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Philosophical Magazine Vol. 88, Nos. 1315, 121 May 2008, 22852293

Summary: Philosophical Magazine
Vol. 88, Nos. 1315, 121 May 2008, 22852293
Nonlinear photonic quasicrystals for novel optical devices
A. Bahabada
, R. Lifshitzb*, N. Volocha
and A. Ariea
Fleischman Faculty of Engineering, School of Electrical Engineering, Tel Aviv University,
Tel Aviv 69978, Israel; b
Raymond and Beverly Sackler School of Physics & Astronomy,
Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv 69978, Israel
(Received 7 January 2008; final version received 15 February 2008)
Two well-known methods for the design of quasicrystal models are used to create
novel nonlinear optical devices. These devices are useful for efficient three-wave
mixing of several different processes, and therefore offer greater flexibility
with respect to the more common periodic nonlinear photonic crystals. We
demonstrate applications for polarization switching as well as multi-wavelength
and multi-directional frequency doubling. The generalized dual grid method is
proven to be efficient for designing photonic quasicrystals for one-dimensional
collinear devices as well as elaborate two-dimensional multi-directional devices.


Source: Arie, Ady - Department of Electrical Engineering-Physical Electronics, Tel Aviv University


Collections: Engineering