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BIO 4472: Animal Behavior Fall 2007 Syllabus

Summary: BIO 4472: Animal Behavior
Fall 2007 Syllabus
Lecturer: Dr. Andrea Aspbury
E-mail: aspbury@txstate.edu
Lecture time and location: TTH 3:30-4:45 (SUPP 153)
Lab time and location TTH 5:00-6:15 (SUPP 153)
Office hours: TTH 1-2 PM; and/or by arrangement; Office location: SUPP 166
Course goals: Animal Behavior aims to get you excited about animal behavior in the context of evolutionary biology.
The unifying theme of this course will be evolution by means of natural and sexual selection. Therefore, lectures will be
designed to show you how selection has shaped the behavior of animals. We want this class to be interesting and
challenging for each of you, and hope that it stimulates your curiosity about the living world around you.
COURSE MATERIALS: THE TEXT (REQUIRED): Alcock: Animal Behavior; 8th edition; Sinauer. You will also have
class handouts and/or online reading, and you are responsible for that material.
TESTS AND GRADING: Tests may be a combination of multiple choice, fill in the blank, and short answer/essay
questions. A total of three exams will be given during the semester. You are responsible for calculating your own
grade. DO NOT come and ask me. You must query any grading discrepancies in writing by the class period after I
return a test. For quiz grades, the same deadline structure applies.
Breakdown of Grading:
Exam I 20% (100 pts)
Exam II 20% (100 pts)


Source: Aspbury, Andrea S. - Department of Biology, Texas State University - San Marcos


Collections: Environmental Sciences and Ecology