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Inference methods Probabilistic methods

Summary: Inference methods
ˇ Probabilistic methods
­ Clustering analysis
­ Data mining
­ Bayesian networks
ˇ Deterministic methods
­ Continuous ­ Differential equations
­ Discrete - Boolean
Four steps in clustering analysis
ˇ Pair-wise correlation analysis
­ Time-series data
­ spatial data
ˇ Gene co-expression network
ˇ Clustering of genes
ˇ Predicting protein-protein interaction
Drawback: No insight into the causal relationship
Pair-wise similarities between expression profiles:
ˇ Pearson correlation
ˇ Squared Pearson correlation coefficient
ˇ Spearman rank correlation


Source: Albert, Réka - Departments of Biology & Physics, Pennsylvania State University


Collections: Biology and Medicine