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Dt~p-~,euR~eurttll ~,,fl 41) '%~ ~ pp Jd~r,-~lo ltml Oqe,7-4~37t~3$e,fN)+lll III Printed m (.,real Br=t..n ~ 1~3 Pergamon Pre~.,.Lid

Summary: Dt~p-~,euR~eurttll ~,,fl 41) '%~ ~ pp Jd~r,-~lo ltml Oqe,7-4~37ąt~3$e,fN)+lll III
Printed m (.,real Br=t..n ~ 1~3 Pergamon Pre~.,.Lid
Temporal persistence of copepod species groups in the Gulf
(Re~et~ed 12 August 1~91. m revt,wdform 14 April 1992, accepted 13 May 1992)
Abstract--The distributions ot 22 copepod t~pe~ ( 18 spec=e~ and the copcpodtte stage V of four of
the species) across a transect ol the Gulf Stream near Cape Hatteras. NC. sampled m May 1983
u,=th a MOCNESS. v,ere anal,,zed and compared ~tth the dt,,tr,butzons found on a similar transect
·,ampled m September 1982 Copepod specie,, de,tnbuttons follo~cd physical charactcrtshcs
closely and v,ere s~mdar for the tv,o samphng hines Speoes were found m d=screte environments,
and specze~ dr, tnbu.on,, changed acro,,s the Stream with changing phy,,tcal properties Most of the
copepod t)pe,, (IS) wcrc placed into four dlstrlbtmonal groups using recurrent group analysis.
cluster anal),,t,,, and cxammatam o! ',peele', dl,,tnbuhon,, The September and May transect,', ~ere
analyzed Intlcpcntlcntl). ~ct vlrtuall) the ,,amc group,, rc,,ultcd, nnpl,,mg that the,,e ,.pccle~ group,,
are conxr,tcnt o,,er tm+c and ,,uggc,,tmg that a pcr,,i,,tcnt communtt) ,.trutturc may be a general
feature of the Gull Stream I he th,.tr~hutlon,, of the ,,pet,c,, group,, ~ere a.,,,ociated with phy,,tcal
propcrhc*, acro,,', the Gull Stream. ~,,=th httlc ~v,crlap bctv,ecn grottp cnvmmmcnt,, In both
Scpiclnber alld May i.ro'~.-',.lrcanl trends nl integrated al~utltl;.tncc,, ot two o| the ',pcclcs groups
hfllov,cd Ihe paltcrn~ cxpcttcd it COXltlll|lOtl.,.cro~,'~-4tre,llll Itll%tllg protc~.~.c'~had occurred Cold-


Source: Ashjian, Carin - Biology Department, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution


Collections: Environmental Sciences and Ecology; Geosciences