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Kahler Geometry of Toric Varieties and Extremal Miguel Abreu #

Summary: K˜ahler Geometry of Toric Varieties and Extremal
Miguel Abreu #
Institute for Advanced Study
final version
March 4, 1999
1991 Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary 53C55, Secondary 14M25
53C25 58F05.
A (symplectic) toric variety X, of real dimension 2n, is completely
determined by its moment polytope # # R n . Recently Guillemin gave
an explicit combinatorial way of constructing ``toric'' K˜ahler metrics on
X, using only data on #. In this paper, di#erential geometric properties
of these metrics are investigated using Guillemin's construction. In par­
ticular, a nice combinatorial formula for the scalar curvature R is given,
and the Euler­Lagrange condition for such ``toric'' metrics being extremal
(in the sense of Calabi) is proven to be R being an a#ne function on
# # R n . A construction, due to Calabi, of a 1­parameter family of ex­
tremal K˜ahler metrics of non­constant scalar curvature on CP 2 #CP 2 is
recast very simply and explicitly using Guillemin's approach. Finally, we


Source: Abreu, Miguel - Departamento de Matemática, Instituto Superior Técnico, Universidade Técnica de Lisboa


Collections: Mathematics