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ASTR5700: Stellar Interiors (Fall 2002) http://jilawww.colorado.edu/ pja/stars02/

Summary: ASTR5700: Stellar Interiors (Fall 2002)
Guidelines for nal papers / projects
 Topic. The term paper or project is intended to provide an opportunity to research
a topic that interests you in more depth than we cover in class. It must have
something to do with stars, but with that proviso a broad range of topics are possible.
Some examples of possible topics to review are listed below. I can provide references
to act as starting points for most of these topics.
 Format. Aim for a length and format similar to one of the longer review articles in
Nature or Science. These have around 5,000 words, and begin with an introduction
accessible (at least in theory) to scientists in other disciplines. Nature's guidance
is that reviews `inform a broad readership about elds in which there have been
recent, important advances'.
 Computational projects. This is an alternative to a literature review type of
project. Some suggestions are given overleaf. If you do a computational project, a
shorter write-up focusing solely on what you did, and what the results were, would
be appropriate. Beware though that computational projects can easily soak up
arbitrary amounts of your time as well as CPU time...
 Workload. The paper is worth 25% of the nal grade. This suggests that you
should aim to spend the equivalent of  4 homeworks on it. A write-up will be due


Source: Armitage, Phil - Department of Astrophysical and Planetary Sciences, University of Colorado at Boulder


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