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Fair Bandwidth Allocation Under User Capacity Constraints

Summary: Fair Bandwidth Allocation Under User Capacity
Yonghe Yan, Adel El-Atawy, Ehab Al-Shaer
School of Computer Science, Telecommunication, and Information Systems
DePaul University
Chicago, IL 60604, USA
(yyan, aelatawy, ehab)@cti.depaul.edu
Abstract--This paper presents a theoretic framework and
evaluation for centralized and distributed schemes of fair
bandwidth allocation on a network with various bottleneck links.
In our model, a network user is charged a price for requiring a
certain bandwidth capacity with a guaranteed minimum
bandwidth. We define a utility function to capture user's
bandwidth demand with the user capacity requirements. A non-
cooperative game with social welfare function is proposed to solve
users' conflicting bandwidth demands at the bottleneck links.
We propose residual capacity fairness and developed a game-
theoretic solution to achieve fair bandwidth allocation that
satisfies the residual capacity fairness criterion. In order to
satisfy the guaranteed minimum bandwidth requirements of


Source: Al-Shaer, Ehab - School of Computer Science, Telecommunications and Information Systems, DePaul University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences