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A Parallel Pipeline Based Multiprocessor System For Real-Time Measurement of

Summary: A Parallel Pipeline Based Multiprocessor
System For Real-Time Measurement of
Road Trac Parameters
eal-time measurement and analysis of road trac Żow parameters such as volume, speed
and queue are increasingly required for trac control and management. Image
processing is considered as an attractive and Żexible technique for automatic analysis of
road trac scenes for the measurement and data collection of road trac parameters. In this
paper, the authors describe a novel image processing based approach for analysis of road trac
scenes. Combined background dierencing and edge detection techniques are used to detect
vehicles and measure various trac parameters such as vehicle count and the queue length. A
RISC based multiprocessor system was designed to enable real-time execution of the authors
algorithm. The multiprocessor system has nine processing modules connected in a parallel
pipeline fashion. Results shows that the authors multiprocessor system is able to provide
measurement of trac parameters in real-time. Results are presented for real tests of our system
by analysing trac scenes on the highways of Singapore.
# 2000 Academic Press
M.Y. Siyal1
, M. Fathi1
and M. Atiquzzaman2Y3


Source: Atiquzzaman, Mohammed - School of Computer Science, University of Oklahoma


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences