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Continued... SCWDS BRIEFSA Quarterly Newsletter from the

Summary: Continued...
SCWDS BRIEFSA Quarterly Newsletter from the
Southeastern Cooperative Wildlife Disease Study
College of Veterinary Medicine
The University of Georgia
Athens, Georgia 30602 Phone (706) 542-1741
Gary L. Doster, Editor FAX (706) 542-5865
Clams & AI Virus
Wild birds in the orders Anseriformes
(waterfowl) and Charadriiformes (gulls, terns,
and shorebirds) are the reservoirs for low
pathogenicity strains of all known subtypes of
avian influenza (AI) virus and are the original
source of all Type A influenza viruses that
have evolved in domestic poultry, swine,
horses, and humans. Replication of AI virus
within wild birds occurs primarily in epithelial
cells lining the intestinal tract, and high
concentrations of infectious virus are excreted
in feces. Virus is transmitted between wild


Source: Altizer, Sonia M.- Institute of Ecology, University of Georgia


Collections: Environmental Sciences and Ecology