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Global Stability Analysis of an End-to-End Congestion Control Scheme

Summary: Global Stability Analysis of an
End-to-End Congestion Control Scheme
for General Topology Networks with Delay 1
Tansu Alpcan and Tamer Bas¸ar
Coordinated Science Laboratory,
University of Illinois
1308 West Main Street, Urbana, IL 61801 USA
(alpcan, tbasar)@control.csl.uiuc.edu
We analyze the stability properties of an end-to-end congestion control scheme under fixed heterogeneous
delays, and for general network topologies. The scheme analyzed is based on the congestion control game of [1],
with the starting point being the unique Nash equilibrium of that game. We prove global stability of this solution
(and hence of the congestion control algorithm) under a mild symmetricity condition. We further demonstrate the
stability of the algorithm numerically for various delays, user numbers, and topologies.
In communication networks, delays between users and resources of the network are most of the time not
negligible. In the context of the Internet, these delays vary from order of tens to hundreds of milliseconds,
and affect the stability of end-to-end congestion control algorithms. The communication delays in the
network are in general heterogeneous in the sense that forward delays between the users and the resources
are different from the feedback delays. It is possible to consider end-to-end congestion control schemes


Source: Alpcan, Tansu - Deutsche Telekom Laboratories & Technische Universität Berlin


Collections: Engineering