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Minimum Power Broadcast Trees for Wireless Networks: Integer Programming Formulations

Summary: Minimum Power Broadcast Trees for Wireless
Networks: Integer Programming Formulations
Arindam K. Das, Robert J. Marks, Mohamed El-Sharkawi, Payman Arabshahi, Andrew Gray
Abstract-- Wireless multicast/broadcast sessions, unlike
wired networks, inherently reaches several nodes with a sin-
gle transmission. For omnidirectional wireless broadcast to a
node, all nodes closer will also be reached. Heuristic algorithms
for constructing the minimum power tree in wireless networks
have been proposed by Wieselthier et al. and Stojmenovic et
al. Recently, an evolutionary search procedure has been pro-
posed by Marks et al. In this paper, we present three different
integer programming models which can be used for an optimal
solution of the minimum power broadcast/multicast problem
in wireless networks. The models assume complete knowledge
of the distance matrix and is therefore most suited for networks
where the locations of the nodes are fixed.
For a given node constellation with an identified source
node, the minimum power broadcast (MPB) problem is
to communicate to all remaining nodes, either directly or


Source: Arabshahi, Payman - Applied Physics Laboratory & Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Washington at Seattle


Collections: Engineering