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Dependent Types for Distributed Arrays Wouter Swierstra and Thorsten Altenkirch

Summary: Dependent Types for Distributed Arrays
Wouter Swierstra and Thorsten Altenkirch
University of Nottingham
Abstract. Locality-aware algorithms over distributed arrays can be very
difficult to write. Yet such algorithms are becoming more and more im-
portant as desktop machines boast more and more processors. We show
how a dependently-typed programming language can help develop such
algorithms by hosting a domain-specific embedded type system that en-
sures every well-typed program will only ever access local data. Such
static guarantees can help catch programming errors early on in the
development cycle and maximise the potential speedup that multicore
machines offer. At the same time, the functional specification of effects
we provide facilitates the testing of and reasoning about algorithms on
distributed arrays.
1 Introduction
Computer processors are not becoming significantly faster. To satisfy the demand
for more and more computational power, manufacturers are now assembling
computers with multiple microprocessors. It is hard to exaggerate the impact
this will have on software development: tomorrow's programming languages must


Source: Altenkirch, Thorsten - School of Computer Science, University of Nottingham


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences