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Fast algorithms for computing the Tripartition-based Distance between

Summary: Fast algorithms for computing the
Tripartition-based Distance between
Phylogenetic Networks
Nguyen Bao Nguyen, C. Thach Nguyen, and Wing-Kin Sung
National University of Singapore, 3 Science Drive 2, Singapore 117543. E-mail:
{baonguyen, thachnguyen, dcsswk}@nus.edu.sg
Abstract. Consider two phylogenetic networks N and N
of size n. The
tripartition-based distance finds the proportion of tripartitions which
are not shared by N and N
. This distance is proposed by Moret et
al (2004) and is a generalization of Robinson-Foulds distance, which is
orginally used to compare two phylogenetic trees. This paper gives an
O(min{kn log n, n log n + hn})-time algorithm to compute this distance,
where h is the number of hybrid nodes in N and N
while k is the max-
imum number of hybrid nodes among all biconnected components in N
and N
. Note that k << h << n in a phylogenetic network. In addition,
we propose algorithms for comparing galled-trees, which are an impor-


Source: Anderson, Richard - Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Washington at Seattle
Sung, Wing-Kin Ken" - School of Computing, National University of Singapore


Collections: Biotechnology; Computer Technologies and Information Sciences