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Summary: BioMed Central
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Journal of Experimental & Clinical
Assisted Reproduction
Open AccessCommentary
Clinical applications and limitations of current ovarian stem cell
research: a review
Karla J Hutt*1 and David F Albertini1,2
Address: 1Center for Reproductive Sciences, Department of Molecular and Integrative Sciences, University of Kansas Medical Center, Kansas City,
KS 66160, USA and 2Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole 02543, MA, USA
Email: Karla J Hutt* - khutt@kumc.edu; David F Albertini - dalbertini@kumc.edu
* Corresponding author Equal contributors
The publication of a report in Nature in 2004 by the Tilly group suggesting that mouse ovaries are
capable of generating oocytes de novo post-natally, has sparked interest in a problem long thought
to have been resolved from classical studies in a variety of mammalian species. Within a nearly two
year time period, laboratories around the world have taken up the challenge to dogma raised by
this initial report, either to test this concept in an experimental basic science setting or give
direction to clinical applications that could result, were the original premises of this work in the


Source: Albertini, David - Center for Reproductive Sciences, University of Kansas


Collections: Biology and Medicine