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A composite mapping technique us-ing a newly proposed lGgic minimization

Summary: A composite mapping technique us-
ing a newly proposed lGgic minimization
scheme (KH-map)has been investigated
here. This paper presents an extended
feature of KH-map that can combine
multiple maps for better representation
of switching functions within limited
space, for a relatively large number of
variables. The combined KH-rcap can be
efficiently used to simplify Boolean ex-
pressions to be realized in two-level
logic. The technique is simpler, more
generalized and more efficient than con-
ventional minimization methods and is
easily applicable f o r any number of
been proposed [11,12],that presents a
very intutive approach to the logic mini-
mizatioin problem.
In this paper concatenatior, of multiple


Source: Ahmed, Farid - Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Catholic University of America


Collections: Engineering