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Alamouti Coded OFDM in Rayleigh Fast Fading Channels -Receiver Performance Analysis

Summary: Alamouti Coded OFDM in Rayleigh Fast Fading
Channels - Receiver Performance Analysis
Himal A. Suraweera and Jean Armstrong
Department of Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering
Monash University
Melbourne Victoria 3800, Australia.
E-mail: {himal.suraweera, jean.armstrong}@eng.monash.edu.au
Abstract-- In this paper, the receiver performance of Alam-
outi coded orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM)
systems is analyzed. When the channel is not constant during
the period of Alamouti codeword transmission, the conventional
linear maximum likelihood (ML) receiver suffers from perfor-
mance degradation. We use three different receiver combining
methods and study the error performance. The sensitivity of
different receivers is investigated by varying the correlation
coefficient. Our results can be easily extended to be applicable
to other block coded OFDM schemes with different antenna
configurations. The performance loss in linear ML receiver can
be partially improved by employing a decision-feedback strategy.
In the decision feedback steps preliminary decisions are used to


Source: Armstrong, Jean - Department of Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering, Monash University


Collections: Engineering