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Around the PCP Theorem Sanjeev Arora

Summary: Around the PCP Theorem
Sanjeev Arora
Princeton University
Technical Report SOCS­97.2
School of Computer Science
McGill University

The 1996 McGill Invitational Workshop on Computational Complexity Theory
was held at McGill University's Bellairs Research Institute in Barbados, from Febru­
ary 25 to March 2.
This year workshop was devoted to the PCP theorem and related material: San­
jeev Arora, from Princeton, was the guest speaker. The participants thus had a
unique occasion to hear about what is arguably the most spectacular result in the
history of computational complexity from someone who was deeply involved in its
Many thanks to the note­takers, and very, very special thank you to Sanjeev who
was so generous with his time and energy.


Source: Arora, Sanjeev - Department of Computer Science, Princeton University
Therien, Denis - School of Computer Science, McGill University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences