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Multiagent Coordination Exploiting System Symmetries Bill Goodwine and Panos Antsaklis

Summary: Multiagent Coordination Exploiting System Symmetries
Bill Goodwine and Panos Antsaklis
Abstract-- This paper presents results related to the multi-
agent formation control problem. Symmetries in the system
are exploited to simplify the stability analysis and control
synthesis problem for symmetric systems. The type of symmetry
considered is a discrete symmetry where individual agents are
either identical or have dynamics that are diffeomorphically
related. These results are applicable to both distributed as well
as non-distributed coordination methods and are demonstrated
with simulation results for systems taken from the literature.
Formation control for multiple mobile robotic systems has
a long history, with the main focus being on the use of
potential functions for coordination (see for example [15],
[3], [13] and the citations therein). The use of potential
functions has an obvious appeal in that they facilitate stability
analyses using Lyapunov functions. The drawbacks are well-
known also, which include among other things, the existence
of multiple local minima in complex environments, the fact


Source: Antsaklis, Panos - Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Notre Dame


Collections: Engineering