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Dr David Fletcher School of Mathematics

Summary: Dr David Fletcher
School of Mathematics
- Associate Professor in
University of Otago
(New Zealand)
Using statistics to benefit wildlife in the southern oceans
David Fletcher combines his skills with statistics with a love of the
natural world in his job in New Zealand. The Associate Professor at the
University of Otago works with ecologists and zoologists to examine
the dynamics of wildlife populations: "Think of dolphins. If you want to
know more about them, you need to know how healthy they are and
how many survive each year. Ecologists supply us with the raw data,
then we can work with the information to produce guidelines for
Government departments and conservation organisations," he explains.
When he was ten years old, David knew for sure what he would do
when he grew up: "I loved football and was definitely going to play for
Manchester United. Luckily I was good at mathematics too!" He set off
for Southampton for his first degree after a teacher recommended the
university as a good place to study maths. "I was homesick at first but


Source: Anderson, Jim - School of Mathematics, University of Southampton


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