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Fault-Adaptive Control for Robust Performance Management of Computing Systems

Summary: Fault-Adaptive Control for Robust Performance Management of
Computing Systems
Sherif Abdelwahed
Institute for Software Integrated Systems
Vanderbilt University
Case Study: Signal Detection System
The Fault-Adaptive Control Framework
Given a switching hybrid system with state space X and
input set U. The control problem for a set point
specification is to:
Drive the system from any state in X to a set-point
region Xs in finite time
Maintain the system in Xs
In the case of utility function specification, the
controller aims to reach the optimal state that
maximizes the system utility.
Model-based Fault Diagnosis
Selection of the next step is based on a
map that defines how close the current
state is to Xs


Source: Abdelwahed, Sherif - Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Vanderbilt University


Collections: Engineering