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GNU Emacs Reference Card (for version 20)

Summary: GNU Emacs Reference Card
(for version 20)
Starting Emacs
To enter GNU Emacs 20, just type its name: emacs
To read in a file to edit, see Files, below.
Leaving Emacs
suspend Emacs (or iconify it under X) C-z
exit Emacs permanently C-x C-c
read a file into Emacs C-x C-f
save a file back to disk C-x C-s
save all files C-x s
insert contents of another file into this buffer C-x i
replace this file with the file you really want C-x C-v
write buffer to a specified file C-x C-w
version control checkin/checkout C-x C-q
Getting Help
The help system is simple. Type C-h (or F1) and follow the di-
rections. If you are a first-time user, type C-h t for a tutorial.
remove help window C-x 1


Source: Aziz, Adnan - Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Texas at Austin
Freeh, Vincent - Center for High Performance Simulation & Department of Computer Science, North Carolina State University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences