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SnakeToonz : A Semi-Automatic Approach to Creating Cel Animation Aseem Agarwala1

Summary: SnakeToonz : A Semi-Automatic Approach to Creating Cel Animation
from Video
Aseem Agarwala1
Starlab NV
SnakeToonz is an interactive system that allows children and others
untrained in cel animation to create two-dimensional cartoons from
video streams and images. The ability to create cartoons has tradi-
tionally been limited to professional animation houses and trained
artists. SnakeToonz aims to give anyone with a video camera and
a computer the ability to create compelling cel animation. This is
done by combining constraints of the cartooning medium with sim-
ple user input and analysis of that input.
A cartoon is created in a dialogue with the system. After record-
ing video material the user sketches contours directly onto the first
frame of video. These sketches initialize a set of spline-based active
contours which are relaxed to best fit the image and other aesthetic
constraints. Small gaps are closed, and the user can choose colors
for the cartoon. The system then uses motion estimation techniques


Source: Agarwala, Aseem - Adobe Systems & Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Washington at Seattle


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences