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Measurements and modeling of D17 O of nitrate in snowpits

Summary: Measurements and modeling of D17
O of nitrate in snowpits
from Summit, Greenland
S. A. Kunasek,1
B. Alexander,2
E. J. Steig,1
M. G. Hastings,2,3
D. J. Gleason,1
and J. C. Jarvis1
Received 23 May 2008; revised 15 September 2008; accepted 1 October 2008; published 20 December 2008.
[1] We quantify controls on seasonal changes of the oxygen isotope anomaly of nitrate

), wherein D17
O % d17
O (0.52 d18
O)) in snow at Summit, Greenland,
in an effort to enable quantitative reconstructions of paleoatmospheric oxidant
concentrations from ice core D17


Source: Alexander, Becky - Department of Atmospheric Sciences, University of Washington at Seattle


Collections: Environmental Sciences and Ecology; Geosciences