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March 29, 2008 ICS 541 1 The Query Compiler

Summary: March 29, 2008 ICS 541 1
The Query Compiler
Chapter 16
March 29, 2008 ICS 541 2
Objectives ...
Convert an SQL query to a parse tree using a grammar.
Explain the difference between syntax and semantic validation and
the query processor component responsible for each.
Define: valid parse tree, logical query tree, physical query tree
Convert parse tree to logical query tree for regular and nested
Explain the difference between correlated and uncorrelated nested
Use heuristic optimization (6 rules) and relational algebra laws to
optimize logical query trees.
selection laws (splitting law), projection laws, laws for joins, duplicate
elimination, and grouping, equivalence preserving transformations
March 29, 2008 ICS 541 3
... Objectives
Define and use canonical logical query trees.


Source: Adam, Salah - Department of Information and Computer Science, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences