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Cloud Remote Sensing Clouds are the thermostat of climate

Summary: Day 2Day 2
Cloud Remote Sensing
Clouds are the thermostat of climate
Clouds cool climate on average by reflecting
more solar radiation than absorbing IR
Question: Can we measure cloud propertiesQuestion: Can we measure cloud properties
well enough to know if
The measured cloud properties can be used to
predict the effect of clouds on climate?
Climate model clouds are reasonably good
representations of actual clouds?
Occurrence where are they?
Vertical distribution of clouds
Condensed water amount
Liquid water pathLiquid water path
Ice water path
Vertical profile of LWP and IWP
Optical depth path and profile
Hydrometeor size distribution avg. and


Source: Ackerman, Thomas P. - Department of Atmospheric Sciences, University of Washington at Seattle


Collections: Geosciences; Environmental Sciences and Ecology