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CCSF Topical Lunch April 31, 2009

Summary: CCSF Topical Lunch
April 31, 2009
Genetic Diversity Studies at Cornell University
The New Life Sciences initiative has amplified the impact that Cornell makes with its
genetics and genomics research. In particular, studies of genetic diversity and its
conservation importance have broadened at Cornell with recent faculty hires. Also,
conservation genetics is clearly within the mission of two recently formed centers, CCSF
and the Cornell Center for Comparative and Population Genomics (C3PG), and is central
to the mission of the Institute for Genomic Diversity. However, research on aspects of
genetic diversity at Cornell is spread out across at least ten departments and three
colleges, suggesting that its full impact may not be realized until potential synergies are
explored and realized. Our goal was to assemble Cornell faculty working in areas related
to genetic diversity, explore conceptual areas of existing research strength and their inter-
relations, identify needs for expertise that are not well represented on campus, and
discuss collaborative goals that can increase the visibility, impact and funding of genetic
diversity studies on campus.
The discussion was organized around five focal areas of research and activity on campus:
1) Livestock/crop diversity, origins, and genetic improvement
2) Genetic diversity and health of wild species of conservation concern
3) The community ecological impacts of genetic diversity


Source: Angenent, Lars T. - Department of Biological and Environmental Engineering, Cornell University


Collections: Renewable Energy; Engineering