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22 | Williams alumni RevieW | maRch 2009 "While We can debate

Summary: 22 | Williams alumni RevieW | maRch 2009
"While We can debate
if creativity is an actual
`skill,' i strongly believe
We can all be more
creative by intent: We
need only--just as these
students did--journey
in the right direction."
Mathematics professor and Gaudino Scholar
Edward Burger wants moreWilliams students
to fail.Not to flunk,of course,but rather to
take creative risks that may not pan out.
Hence the unusual course Burger
offered last fall, "Exploring Creativity,"
which brought together 12 students, three
majors each in art, philosophy, math-
ematics and music. By producing original
works in each field, Burger says, students
were encouraged "to take risks, experi-


Source: Aalberts, Daniel P. - Department of Physics, Williams College


Collections: Physics