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Math 317H Class Syllabus Fall Semester 2011 Honors Linear Algebra

Summary: Math 317H Class Syllabus Fall Semester 2011
Honors Linear Algebra
Lecture: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 12:40 1:30 in room C103 Wells Hall
Problem Sessions: Thursday, 12:40 2:00 starting on September 8. Attending these sessions is
highly recommended since you will have the opportunity to discuss homework
problems and ask questions.
Instructor: Prof. Casim Abbas
A202 Wells Hall
phone: 353 8499
Office hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 4:10-5:00 or by appointment.
Textbook: 'Linear Algebra Done Wrong' by Sergei Treil, Brown University. Available at
I will distribute additional material throughout the semester. I am assuming that you read
the sections covering the topics of the lecture.
Grades: I will determine your grades from the numerous homework assignments and the three
exams. As a rough guide, 90% or more of the available score will result in a grade of
4.0, 85% or more will result in a 3.5 and 80% or more will result in a 3.0. I will require
70% or more for a 2.0 and 60% or more for a 1.0.
Important dates:


Source: Abbas, Casim - Department of Mathematics, Michigan State University


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