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Graphs and Combinatorics 1,387-389 (1985) Research Problems

Summary: Graphs and Combinatorics 1,387-389 (1985)
Research Problems
9 Springer-Verlag1985
In this column Graphs and Combinatorics publishes current research problems whose proposer
believes them to be within reach of existing methods.
Manuscripts should preferably contain the background of the problem and all references
known to the author. The length of the manuscript should not exceed two type-written pages.
Manuscripts should be sent to:
P. Frankl or J. Akiyama
Graphs and Combinatorics
Department of Mathematics
Tokai University
Hiratsuka, 259-12
Hypergraphs with High Chromatic Number
It is easy and well known that every graph G = (V, E) with chromatic number s
contains at least as many edges as the complete graph on s vertices. Indeed, if we
properly color G by s colors then there is at least one edge joining a vertex of color


Source: Alon, Noga - School of Mathematical Sciences, Tel Aviv University


Collections: Mathematics