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CHEN 3600 -Lab Assignment 5 More Fluid Mechanics -more friction factors and pipe flows.

Summary: CHEN 3600 - Lab Assignment 5
More Fluid Mechanics - more friction factors and pipe flows.
Your assignment is to examine the scenario involving multiple tanks. The tanks (three or
more) are connected by piping and meet at a central junction. Assume that the flow is
turbulent and can be characterized as a "flat" velocity profile, with friction being accounted
for in the form of the Colebrook Equation. Check this assumption and report an appropriate
warning to the command window if the flow is not turbulent, but still produce a solution.
Expect that you will be given the characteristics of the system (tank levels, pipe rough-
nesses, pipe lengths and pipe inside diameters) as a series of vectors. Your job is to identify
the pressure (as head in meters) at the junction and the volumetric flow rates (signed, in
appropriate units) in each of the pipes at the initial state provided.
Recall that the Colebrook friction factor is as given below.

= -4 log


Source: Ashurst, W. Robert - Department of Chemical Engineering, Auburn University


Collections: Materials Science