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Analysis of biologically inspired Small-World Carlos Aguirre 1 , Ram on Huerta 1 , 2 , Fernando Corbacho 1 , and Pedro Pascual 1

Summary: Analysis of biologically inspired Small-World
Carlos Aguirre 1 , Ramon Huerta 1 , 2 , Fernando Corbacho 1 , and Pedro Pascual 1
1 Escuela Tecnica Superior de Informatica, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid,
28049 Madrid, Spain
fCarlos.Aguirre, Ramon.Huerta, Fernando.Corbacho,
2 Institute for Nonlinear Science, UCSD,
San Diego 92093 CA, USA
Abstract. Small-World networks are highly clusterized networks with
small distances between their nodes. There are some well known biolog-
ical networks that present this kind of connectivity. On the other hand,
the usual models of Small-World networks make use of undirected and
unweighted graphs in order to represent the connectivity between the
nodes of the network. These kind of graphs cannot model some essen-
tial characteristics of neural networks as, for example, the direction or
the weight of the synaptic connections. In this paper we analyze dif-
ferent kinds of directed graphs and show that they can also present a
Small-World topology when they are shifted from regular to random.
Also analytical expressions are given for the cluster coeÆcient and the


Source: Aguirre, Carlos - Departamento de Ingeniería Informática, Departamento de Ingeniería Informática, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences