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Mawl: a Domain-speci c Language for Form-based Services

Summary: 1
Mawl: a Domain-speci c Language
for Form-based Services
David Atkins, Thomas Ball, Glenn Bruns, Kenneth Cox
Software Production Research Department
Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies
A form-based service is one in which the ow of data between service and user is de-
scribed by a sequence of query/response interactions, or forms. Mawl is a domain-speci c
language for programming form-based services in a device-independent manner. We focus on
Mawl's form abstraction, which is the means for separating service logic from user interface
description, and show how this simple abstraction addresses seven issues in service creation,
analysis, and maintenance: compile-time guarantees, implementation exibility, rapid pro-
totyping, testing and validation, support for multiple devices, composition of services, and
usage analysis.
I. Introduction
Domain-speci c languages (DSLs) o er a more complete solution to software engineering
problems than general purpose programming languages can o er. The bene ts of DSLs de-
rive from two basic principles of language design: abstraction and restriction. The choice of
appropriate abstractions aids the phases of requirements, design, coding, and maintenance by


Source: Atkins, David - Department of Computer and Information Science, University of Oregon


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences