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Spectroscopic investigations of a dielectric-surface-discharge plasma source

Summary: Spectroscopic investigations of a dielectric-surface-discharge
plasma source
R. Arad,a)
K. Tsigutkin, Yu. V. Ralchenko, and Y. Maron
Faculty of Physics, Weizmann Institute of Science, 76100 Rehovot, Israel
Received 17 January 2000; accepted 12 May 2000
Spectroscopic investigations of the properties of a plasma produced by a flashboard plasma source,
commonly used in pulsed plasma experiments, are presented. The plasma is used to prefill a planar
0.4 s conduction time plasma opening switch POS . A novel gas-doping technique and a
secondary surface flashover plasma source are used to locally dope the plasma with gaseous and
solid materials, respectively, allowing for spatially resolved measurements. The electron density,
temperature, and plasma composition are determined from spectral line intensities and line profiles.
Detailed collisional-radiative modeling is used to analyze the observed line intensities. The
propagation velocity and divergence angle of various ions are determined from time-of-flight
measurements and Doppler broadening of spectral lines, respectively. This allows for distinguishing
the secondary plasma ejected from the POS electrodes from the plasma of the flashboard source.
2000 American Institute of Physics. S1070-664X 00 00109-9
The need for reproducible plasma sources with various
properties electron density, electron temperature, plasma


Source: Arad, Ron - Department of Particle Physics,Weizmann Institute of Science


Collections: Plasma Physics and Fusion