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Reliability Evaluation of Multistage Networks Considering Replacement Time

Summary: Reliability Evaluation of Multistage
Networks Considering Replacement Time
M.E. Khan and M. Atiquzzaman
Department of Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering
Monash University, Clayton, Australia 3168.
ekhan@basil.eng.monash.edu.au, atiq@monash.edu.au
Abstract: In some recent papers, the reliability analyses for multistage
interconnection networks (MIN) have been carried out with the assump­
tion that the failed components are not repaired (replaced). However,
in most practical cases a faulty component would be repaired (replaced)
within a certain period of time. In this paper, we determine the net­
work reliability of MINs with component failures and normal replacement
time, and determine the maximum allowable replacement time (MART)
for a given reliability. The use of approximate cut set method has been
demonstrated for reliability calculation of the multistage network.
1 Introduction
Multiprocessor systems are becoming increasingly popular in solving large­scale com­
pute bound problems. Multistage interconnection networks (MIN) have been found to be
very cost effective for connecting a large number of processors and memories. MINs have
also been used as ATM switching fabrics in the emerging Broadband Integrated Services


Source: Atiquzzaman, Mohammed - School of Computer Science, University of Oklahoma


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences