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instance, SUP and the Ta3 retrotransposon ap-pear to depend more heavily on CpXpG meth-

Summary: instance, SUP and the Ta3 retrotransposon ap-
pear to depend more heavily on CpXpG meth-
ylation, whereas FWA and possibly Tar17 rely
more on CpG methylation. Athila sequences
require both types of methylation, because
Athila-related transcripts are activated in both
cmt3 and met1 mutants.
Despite a nearly complete loss of genomic
CpXpG methylation, null cmt3 mutants are
morphologically normal, even after five gen-
erations of inbreeding. In contrast, met1 mu-
tants exhibit severe developmental abnormal-
ities (3, 7). One explanation for this is that
CpXpG and CpG methylation may act in a
partially redundant fashion to silence most
genes. Viability despite severe loss of
genomic methylation makes Arabidopsis an
ideal model system for elucidating the roles
of DNA methylation in epigenetic and devel-
opmental processes.


Source: Alon, Uri - Departments of Molecular Cell Biology & Physics of Complex Systems, Weizmann Institute of Science


Collections: Biology and Medicine