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Model-independent method for the determination of guiding thin-film optical parameters

Summary: Model-independent method for the determination of
guiding thin-film optical parameters
Ildar Salakhutdinov, Yuriy Danylyuk, Kalyani Chaganti, Ivan Avrutsky, and Gregory Auner
A method for the determination of the optical constants of thin films based on the combination of a
waveguide measurement procedure with the spectroscopic measurements made from the UV to the IR is
presented. As a test material AlN thin film on sapphire substrates is investigated. 2006 Optical Society
of America
OCIS codes: 130.2790, 310.6860, 160.3130.
1. Introduction
A knowledge of optical film parameters such as refrac-
tive index n and thickness t is an essential part of opti-
cal technology. These optical parameters are usually
determined by various spectroscopic or ellipsometric
methods.13 Another approach for the measurement of
optical thin-film parameters is the waveguide tech-
nique.4 All of these methods have their own advan-
tages and drawbacks. Spectroscopic measurements in
a wide spectral range have an uncertainty in the de-
termination of the exact value of the refractive index as
well as the film thickness.


Source: Avrutsky, Ivan - Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Wayne State University


Collections: Engineering