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Function Matching Amihood Amir

Summary: Function Matching
Amihood Amir
Yonatan Aumann
Moshe Lewenstein
Ely Porat
Bar-Ilan University Bar-Ilan University Bar-Ilan University Bar-Ilan University
Georgia Tech
We present problems in three different application areas: identifying similar code where
global register reallocation and spill code minimization were done (programming languages);
protein threading (computational biology); and searching for color icons under different color
maps (image processing).
We introduce a new search model function matching that enables solving the above
problems. The function matching problem has as its input a text T of length n over alphabet
T and a pattern P = P[1]P[2] P[m] of length m over alphabet P . We seek all text locations
i where the m-length substring that starts at i is equal to f(P[1])f(P[2]) f(P[m]), for some
function f : P T .
We give a randomized algorithm which solves the function matching problem in time O(n log n)
with probability 1


Source: Aumann, Yonatan - Computer Science Department, Bar Ilan University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences