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Scientific Mashups: Runtime-Configurable Data Product Ensembles

Summary: Scientific Mashups: Runtime-Configurable Data
Product Ensembles
Bill Howe1
, Harrison Green-Fishback2
, and David Maier2
University of Washington (billhowe@cs.washington.edu)
Portland State University ({hgmf, maier}@cs.pdx.edu)
Abstract. Mashups are gaining popularity as a rapid-development, re-
use-oriented programming model to replace monolithic, bottom-up appli-
cation development. This programming style is attractive for the "long
tail" of scientific data management applications, characterized by ex-
ploding data volumes, increasing requirements for data sharing and col-
laboration, but limited software engineering budgets.
We observe that scientists already routinely construct a primitive, static
form of mashup--an ensemble of related visualizations that convey a
specific scientific message encoded as, e.g., a Powerpoint slide. Inspired
by their ubiquity, we adopt these conventional data-product ensembles
as a core model, endow them with interactivity, publish them online, and


Source: Anderson, Richard - Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Washington at Seattle


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences