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Xu and Adams: An Improved Normal-Mesh-Based Image Coder 1 An Improved Normal-Mesh-Based Image

Summary: Xu and Adams: An Improved Normal-Mesh-Based Image Coder 1
An Improved Normal-Mesh-Based Image
Un Codeur Normal-Maille-Base Ameliore
Di Xu
and Michael D. Adams
The normal-mesh-based image coder of Jansen, Baraniuk, and Lavu (JBL) is studied. First, the JBL coder is introduced and several of its shortcomings
are identified. Then, to address these shortcomings, three modifications to this coder are proposed, namely, the use of a data-dependent base mesh, an
integer representation for normal/vertical offsets, and a different scan-conversion scheme based on bicubic interpolation. Experimental results show
that these proposed changes lead to improved coding performance in terms of both objective and subjective image-quality measures. In particular, the
use of a data-dependent base mesh helps to locate horizons more quickly and preserve image edges better. The number of bits required to encode the
normal/vertical offsets is reduced by representing this information with integers (as opposed to real numbers). Lastly, bicubic interpolation is found to
yield higher-quality image reconstructions, while still maintaining sharp edges.
Le codeur normal-maille-base d'image de Jansen, de Baraniuk, et de Lavu (JBL) est etudie. D'abord, le codeur de JBL est presente et plusieurs de son des
imperfections sont identifiees. Puis, pour adresser ces imperfections, on propose trois modifications a ce codeur, a savoir, l'utilisation d'a maille basse
donnee-dependante, une representation de nombre entier pour la normale/verticale excentrages, et un arrangement different de balayer-conversion base sur
bicubic interpolation. Les resultats experimentaux prouvent que ces changements proposes mnent a l'execution de codage amelioree en termes d'objectif
et subjectif mesures d'image-qualite. En particulier, l'utilisation d'une base donnee-dependante la maille aide a localiser des horizons plus rapidement et a
preserver des bords d'image meilleur. Le nombre de peu requis pour coder le normal/verticale des excentrages est reduits en representant cette information


Source: Adams, Michael D. - Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Victoria


Collections: Engineering