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Global Learning Centre Policy 1. Coaches will not estimate grades of the students.

Summary: Global Learning Centre Policy
1. Coaches will not estimate grades of the students.
2. Coaches will not ask the student if he/she has a learning disability. If the student reveals to the
coach that they have a learning disability, the Coach may suggest the Disability Resource
Office for further assistance.
3. Coaches will not acknowledge that the grade the student received is unfair.
4. Coaches should wait until the student tells her/him what grade they received on the
5. Coaches are not counsellors. If the session is moving towards more counselling than coaching
the Coach should stop and suggest that the student go to Counselling Services.
6. Coaches are responsible for submitting weekly reports. It is important that we are accountable
for what we do. Additionally, we must keep record of how many students we serve.
7. If the coach is feeling threatened by the student for any reason, the Coach should end the
session early.
8. The Coaches should start the sessions punctually.
9. The Coaches should share educational resources (website, books, handouts) with each other.
10. Sessions are limited to 30 minutes.
11. Students may only book two 30-minute sessions per week.
12. Students can only book 2 sessions in advance. After the second session the Coach will assess
the students' advancement and decide if further coaching is needed.


Source: Argerami, Martin - Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Regina


Collections: Mathematics