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Apollo asteroids (1566) Icarus and 2007 MK6: Icarus family K. Ohtsuka1

Summary: Apollo asteroids (1566) Icarus and 2007 MK6: Icarus family
K. Ohtsuka1
, H. Arakida2
, T. Ito3
, T. Kasuga4,3
, J. Watanabe3
D. Kinoshita5
, T. Sekiguchi3
, D. J. Asher6
, and S. Nakano7
Although it is more complicated to search for near-Earth object (NEO) fam-
ilies than main belt asteroid (MBA) families, since differential orbital evolution
within a NEO family can cause current orbital elements to drastically differ from
each other, we have found that Apollo asteroids (1566) Icarus and the newly
discovered 2007 MK6 are almost certainly related. Specifically, their orbital evo-
lutions show a similar profile, time shifted by only 1000 yr, based on our
time-lag theory. The dynamical relationship between Icarus and 2007 MK6 a-


Source: Armagh Observatory


Collections: Physics